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Our Philosophy 

Treat the CLIENT with the utmost respect and kindness, ensuring a confidence in themselves, surpassing any previous experience.  Provide a safe, structured, and open environment for the RESIDENT to flourish within.  Give value and meaning to them in a way only a FAMILY can.


The Omaha Supportive Living Difference


Many people who struggle with mental illness tend to have difficulty with the regimens of daily life and find themselves unable to live on their own. OSL encourages residents to live as independently as they can by providing a support program that focuses on developing self-reliance through specific lifestyle guidance. Perhaps the greatest benefit of Omaha Supportive Living is the personal stability residents can achieve.


All staff contribute their various talents in support of the residents through providing medication management and giving emotional support. Personal laundry, hygiene and work duties around the house are some of the other staff-assisted activities.  Day Program Activities may include attending OSL’s program or other outside day treatment programs for adults, volunteer work, school or vocational training, or possibly working part-time. Day Program participation is planned to be as low-stress as possible yet also challenging enough for the resident’s growth toward independence and self-esteem.


Omaha Supportive Living should not be viewed as simply housing. At OSL, residents and staff work together to provide emotional support, encourage independence and improve self-esteem. Through our collective efforts, the residents receive not only an alternative to the streets and institutions, but also the ability to experience and live life in spite of their illness.


The availability of appropriate housing in the community is a necessity. For some, appropriate housing may be needed for a lifetime. For others, perhaps a few months or years. Such housing must provide a firm structure and a moderately stimulating environment for the residents. It is the belief of Omaha Supportive Living that such housing enables the resident to be productive and active in the community and to live a normal and fulfilling life.


Adults with mental illness often have difficulty coping with the pressures of daily living. They can have difficulty with personal hygiene, remembering to take their medication, keeping appointments, getting and keeping a job, managing their money and handling the day to day events that makes up everyday life. In these cases, Omaha Supportive Living is here to help.


Even though it sometime seems like there is nowhere left to go...
Remember, our door will always be open to you.

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